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Akka HTTP: musings from production

Back in September I had the chance to speak at ScalaUpNorth in Toronto about Akka HTTP. The talk was about my experiences in using this library in a greenfield project at Vivareal.

The talk spanned from motivations to some early results and community talk. Some highlights are:

  • Microservices architecture driving new challenges on performance and error handling
  • First steps with Akka Streams
  • Brief comparison of different Scala libraries for APIs and why we chose Akka HTTP
  • Some impressions, good and bad
  • Performance evidence (not proofs or benchmarking)
  • Improving the community

Several months into it, we are still using Akka Streams and HTTP at Vivareal in both new and legacy projects. We also have more teams trying and adopting Scala.

Our use of Akka Streams and HTTP has also become more sophisticated. This will be subject for some other posts soon.

You can watch the talk here.